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Since 1972, master-builder and artisan Michael Durgin has been in all aspects of the construction industry.  Through the 80's Michael became quite experienced and knowledgeable about concrete services and installing concrete for house foundations or backyard patios. Twin Falls Concrete has a reputation for honest, fast, and quality concrete.

General contractors and do-it-yourself home owners soon became dependent on Mike's reputation and great concrete pricing.

And today the tradition of quality continues as we provide the personalization you deserve so your concrete construction project meets your budget and satisfaction. We are a trustworthy and reliable concrete company that will exceed your expectations.

Our qualified professionals have years of industry experience and skills that are unsurpassed in the Magic Valley. Regardless of your cement needs, look no further than Twin Falls Concrete.

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We are a licensed concrete contractor in Twin Falls, ID, providing a wide range of residential and construction concrete services. We serve Buhl, Jerome and other towns across the Magic Valley. You can find our projects in Filer, Kimberly, Burley, Shoshone, and Gooding, Idaho.

We are a licensed Idaho contractor for residential/commercial flatwork and foundations, plus concrete decorative designs that are colored, textured, stamped, acid stained or both.

Providing Twin Falls area with the most affordable and efficient method of concrete delivery. We can use mobile mixer concrete trucks to customize your job, your way. Mobile mixer concrete trucks carry all of the ingredients (sand, water, cement, & coarse aggregate) to make ready mix concrete. Once at your job site, the ingredients are accurately measured into the drum which produces perfect, fresh concrete.

The best ready mix concrete delivery available-- we can design the concrete any way you want...instantly.  No waste- you pay for only what you use.

You can hire our team to break up and remove old concrete.  Our professional laborers will do all the hard work, while you sit back and relax.  Once concrete removal has taken place a thick gravel base is necessary.  Part of our concrete services are excavation, grading, base preparation, forms, and reinforcement if necessary using rebar or wire mesh.
Meet Our Team
Mike Concrete Twin Falls Idaho

Michael Durginmaster artisan

He's the man with a plan. Be rest assured Michael is on every job to monitor quality and meet your satisfaction He will also be the person to come to your door for an in-person concrete quote- free of charge, of course.

Kevin Bolt Concrete Twin Falls Idaho

Ashton Allenconcrete master

Ashton has been working construction projects for over 10 years in Twin Falls. He is certified in concrete mixing, mobile mixer calibration, concrete aggregates, concrete finishing, varied weather concrete production, and specialty concretes.

Customer Service Concrete Twin Falls idaho

Sheila Bradshawcustomer service/dispatch

Shelia is very knowledgeable on home improvement & all things concrete. Her major responsibilities include managing the schedules of our concrete jobs, customer service, & ordering materials. Shelia is a graduate from CSI.

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